Cichlasoma trimaculatum

General information – The Cichlasoma trimaculatum found in Central America and inhabits slow moving waters of the lower river valleys and prefers mud and sand bottoms.
The trimac cichlid considered to be one of the most aggressive species in the Cichlasoma family.
Common Name - Three spot cichlid, trimac cichlid
Scientific Name - Cichlasoma trimaculatum
Family - Cichlidae
Origin - El Salvador, Guatemala e México
Size – 30cm - 38cm (11.8 - 15.0 inches)
First discovered - Gunther 1867

Cichlasoma trimaculatum (Amphilophus trimaculatus)

Nutrition – the Cichlasoma trimaculatum is a predator.In the wild this fish feeds on small fish, worms and insects.In captivity it will accept commercial food with no problem, live or frozen food will be ideal for the three spot cichlid
Behavior – Highly aggressive
Maintenance and care – Requires 350 L tank size and up, the three spot cichlid needs plenty of open swimming space. As tank mates recommended to keep them with fish of similar size and similar behavior.
Due to its eating habit (messy eater that produces a lot of waste) water changes should perform often and powerful filtration system is essential
Water Parameters – Temperature: 71.6F - 82.4F (22C-28C), PH: 6.5 – 7.7, DGH: 8-24
Breeding - open spawner. Courtship will usually occur 3 - 4 days prior to spawning.
At this time the trimac became highly aggressive.
300 - 400 eggs are laid, the male will dig pits within the gravel in which the newly hatched fry will be deposited. Strong parental care is shown towards the eggs and the fry.

source : Aquarium Passion