Red Terror Cichlid - Cichlasoma festae

Red Terror Cichlid - Cichlasoma festae

Guayas Cichlid, Harlequin Cichlid

Species name: Cichlasoma festae
Synonym: Amphilophus festae; Herichthys festae; Heros festae; Nandopsis festae
Common name: Guayas Cichlid; Harlequin Cichlid; Red Terror
Family: Cichlidae
Order: Perciformes
Class: Actinopterygii
Maximum size: 40 cm / 16 inches

Environment: freshwater
Origin: Primarily Ecuador and Colombia
Temperament: Aggressive
Company: Cichlasoma festae (Guayas Cichlid) is best kept with toher large cichlids with the same temperament and requirements.
Water parameters: Temperature 25-28°C 76-82°F; pH 7.0 – 7.8

Aquarium setup: Cichlasoma festae (Guayas Cichlid) should be ekpt in a large aquarium decorated with large roots and rocks. Some Cichlasoma festae (Guayas Cichlid) but not all leave plants unharmed.
Feeding: Cichlasoma festae (Guayas Cichlid) accepts all kind of foods.
Breeding: Breeding Cichlasoma festae (Guayas Cichlid) is easily breed if a pair is formed. They can bee breed with other fishes in the aquarium if your aquarium is at least 540 L / 120 gallon. In a smaller its recommended to remove all other fishes from the breeding aquarium unless you risk having them killed by the breeding pair. The eggs are laid on a flat surface, usually a rock or a root. The female guards the eggs and the male a territory around the spawning area.

Males can become very aggressive towards females if they aren’t ready to spawn when the male is ready, and the male can kill the female unless she is provided with enough hiding places. You may even have to separate the pair and condition the female, before you let them back togheter.

Cichlasoma festae
autor: Jaroslav Budi

Cichlasoma festae - Red Terror

Cichlasoma festae

source : Aquatic Community