Simple DIY to Landscape a Flower Horn Tank

Easy-set-up Fengshui tank
A Flower Horn fengshui tank is much different from other tanks. You just need to locate it where it will improve your fortune and then set it up step-by-step. This will give you a lucky Flower Horn fengshui tank. Now let's see what we need to start.
Landscape design/ AZOO Bio R&D center
Tank size/ AZOO 3D Acrylic Aquarium 120 (120x45x45cm)
Illumination/ AZOO 3D PL Sun Light 117cm 36Wx2
Filtration/ AZOO Total filter 1800, AZOO Circulate pipe
Fish Food/ AZOO 9 in 1 Flower Horn Pellet, AZOO Tubifex Worms, AZOO Blood Worms
Substrate/ AZOO Plant Grower Bed 5.4kgx4
Conditioning/ AZOO Cichlasoma Auto Recycle, AZOO Cichlasoma Live Water
Water Condition/ Temperature: 25oC pH 6.7
Fish/ Cichlasoma sp. Hypostomus sp.
Plants/ Microsorium pteropus

1. The tank shown in the
picture is a 4-ft empty tank.
2. Connect the circulation pipe and place it on the bottom.3. Connect the total filter inlet to the circulation pipe without leaving any gaps, then pour the plant grower bed into the tank and cover up the circulation pipe. Smooth and even the plant grower bed by hand.
4. Tie the Microsorium
pteropus to the driftwood.
5. Put the driftwood with plants and driftwood on the bottom, fixing it into the plant grower bed.

6. Start pouring water into the tank. To avoid damaging the substrate and landscape, put the hose inside the filter and place a plastic bag under the water outlet to decrease the water’s impact on the substrate.7. After filling water to the ideal level, add AZOO Cichlasoma Live Water, with the proportion being 100ml per 100 liters of water.8. Add AZOO Cichlasoma Auto Recycle, 100ml per 100 liters of water.
9. Install the AZOO SOHO pH Controller to monitor the water pH change.
10.  Install lighting.11.Put the Cichlasoma sp. and Hypostomus sp. fish into the tank.

Tank Options
Flower Horns are a hybrid from the Cichlasoma category. They are a territorial fish and are also very active. When choosing a tank, start at a 4-ft tank or larger, which offers more space for movement. 

Placing Fish
When you add fish to an aquarium, place the bag or container together with the fish into the tank. This allows the fish to slowly adjust to the water temperature. To allow the fish to accommodate to water chemicals and not feel stress, gradually add tank water into the bag or container.
12. The Flower Horn requires a few hours or more to accommodate to a new environment.13.  Use AZOO 9-in1 Flower Horn Pellet to provide the ideal fish food.
Filtration System
For a better living environment, use a Total filter, circulation pipe and plant grower bed to create a no water change system.
Daily Maintenance
Use the water conditioners AZOO Cichlasoma Auto Recycle and Live Water, adding10ml per 100 liters of water just once a week 
Landscape Design
The Flower Horn has a strong and curious personality. Aquatic plants are susceptible to being dug up and moved by the Flower Horn. With this in mind, when landscaping, it’s best to fasten the plants down.
Water Quality
“Create good water before adding fish” - bio-technology lets us do this in just one minute.

source : AZOO Cichlasoma