Flower Horn - Cichlid-Cichlasoma

The Flower Horn is a mix of the American Cichlid-Cichlasoma categories. They have many of the advantages of the Cichlasoma-long life, easy to feed, strong immunity, beautiful, colorful, and outward appearance. These are the reasons it has become even more popular than the Asia-Arowana. It is currently a popular ornamental fish, due to its shape, attractive colors, ease of breeding and it also seems to remember who its owners are. This fish is fun to keep and it can improve fengshui, bringing good fortune.

The Flower Horn and Blood Parrot are both cultured breeding fish. A successful new species should follow previous testing to create higher possibilities for breeding success. The South America Cichlid-Cichlasoma category has become a top choice for breeders and hobbyists are optimistic for the new opportunities presented. Continuous breeding has created many series of Flower Horn. We can tell which Cichlasoma gene they come from by their appearance. The tiger brindle from Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum usually appears in the Flower Horn, and the Cichlasoma synapilum's red color and head shape indicates they are descended from the Flower Horn. The Pearl series has a pearl brindle from Cichlasoma acrpinte.  

source : AZOO Cichlasoma