Kamfamalau - mix of a Golden Monkey and Kamfa Female with Malau features. Body and face typify that of a typical Golden Monkey (see above) Finnage and sunken eye reflect the Kamfa genes. Main feature of a Kamfamalau is the pearling. Finnage typically takes on a 'frosted' pearl look to it rarely found in any other breed of flowerhorn. Pearling usually crosses all the way across the kok another rarity in flowerhorn breeds. This breed should represent the best characteristics of both kamfa and malau

Breed of Flowerhorn = A more general classification. Could contain several subsets of strains from different countries and breeders. The Four main breeds of flowerhorn are: ZZ, GM, Kamfa, JK (goldenbase)

Strain of Flowerhorn = A more specific subset within a particular breed. Can get as specific as all coming from specific individual parent fish. Strains can also differ by country of origin and breeder.