Here is some info from some i gathered from talking to some of the pinoys.

The strain called Kimchu is from Indonesia ZZ. Most of the zz with pearls are bought from IndoZZ, i dont know if it is from japro or from another source of Indozz.

But Kimchu is IndoZZ. So Now, they also have a TK in the project. Basically TK stands for
ThailandZZ X Kimchu = TK Philippines also have kgm which was bought from holland23 from
Bro Garfield i think. The KGM was one of the Champions. This KGM was also used for breeding.

I do hope Jett and some others can share more light on this as I am only saying from what I was told.
Also the great o master help coordinate a last sale of Mermaid Kamfa to Phils during that time.

But from what I heard, not much of the mermaid Kamfas turned out nice. Only a few was nice.

The KGM that was bought is one 2004 Singapore International Fish Show - CAT B Champion. broad body, sparkie spotted, intense colour, wrap tail & nice finnages & hyperactive.