King Kamfa - Vietnam hottest fh

A pair of King Kamfa for $20,000 USD.

Recently, a group of breeder/hobbist from Thailand including 8 people visited HCM, Vietnam.

They came to explore why Flowerhorn in Vietnam is more beautiful than in Thailand, eventhough Thailand is used to sale baby fh fries to Vietnam.

They visited alot of famous breeder farm in Vietnam. However, Phuoc Binh Dang is one of the breeder farm produce some of the most beautiful fh known in the FH hobbyist community.

Phuoc is a FH breeder, and owner of the place. He generously welcome them, and he show them his operation, from breeding facility to FH showroom.

In his showroom, there is a pair of King Kamfa stand out from the rest. This pair of King Kamfa have bright pearl, big kok, thick and short body.

The breeder/hobbist from Thailand immediately start taking alot of pictures of the fish. They wondering the origin of these two King Kamfa, and how to take care of them to look the way they are.

Phuoc honestly explained to them. For the past two year, he was in love with these kind of fh, patient, determine, and try very hard to produce the quality fh like these two King Kamfa you seen here today.

During the conversation, Nerong one of the guy in the group asked Phuoc if he willing to sale the pair of King Kamfa to him.

Nerong want to take it back to Thailand and introduce them to the hobbist in Thailand how beautiful is King Kamfa from Vietnam.

However, Phuoc intention was not to sale the pair. He want to keep them and entering them into the competion coming up in Sept, 2.

With a kind, and persuasive words from Nerong, Phuoc agree to sell the pair of King Kamfa for $20,000.00 USD.

On July 10, the group fly back to Sunanebu, Thailand with a pair of King Kamfa. Thailand is one of the hottest spot for fh in asia.