The Breeding Behavior Of Flowerhorn

Flowerhorn originates from the crossbreeding of different cichlids species. It is created by crossbreeding cichlids in the same genus, which it still retain its ability to breed whereas crossbreeding of cichlids of two different genera cannot be bred. It is important to note that because flowerhorn is bred from different species, its offspring are highly variable. When they meet a certain aesthetic criteria, these variations in color, form and decoration are highly prized by breeders.

Flowerhorn is a fiercely territorial tropical fish, and will ruthlessly attack the other menbers of its species that invade its territory. When breeding flowerhorn, it is important to watch out for injurious behaviour during the reproductive period. Because of their strong territoriality, male and female flowerhorn kept in the same tank may attack each other if they have not begun their reproductive period.

Many breeders will put an upside-down ceramic flowerpot in the breeding tank to provide the fish a platform for spawning. Some flowerhorn will also scoop out a small area/hole in the sand (if any) at the bottom of the tank to serve as a spawning area.

If the fish attack each other after spawning, the male can be removed and left the female alone to oversee the incubation. It is also possible to remove the both fish and incubate the eggs artificially. To prevent fungal infection from killing the eggs, a few drops of methylene blue may be added to the water during artificial incubating.

As long as you remember a few basic/parameters concepts, its not hard to breed flowerhorn. Who knows....maybe oneday you will be able to breed a dazzling new strain of this intriguing fish.

Flowerhorn is a fiercely fish. Don't keep them in the same tank until they start to pair to breed.

The male fish is now cleaning the ceramic flowerpot which is a platform for spawning.

The male fish is now trying to attract the female to the platform for mating.

The male fish will touch the female to enhance attraction.

When they finally pair, they will nestle to each other and no more attack.

If the female propose to breed, she will in turn touch the male.

A pair of breeding flowerhorn.
A pair of breeding flowerhorn.

And finally.....Flowerhorn spawn. A new breed..

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