All About Louhan

Lou Han is a hybrid Cichild. The Breeder hybridizes various cichlids so they get the beautiful fish. The best breeder is come from Bangkok or Thailand. They use various Cichlid to get best Lou Han.

Louhan fish ancestors are actually derived from the cichlid family that live in waters off South America and Central Americans. There are five criteria that favored Lou Han:

  1. Lou Han rectangular-bodied, and this kind of number at most in the market.
  2. Lou Han-bodied round, and this type is very popular because it is considered as Lou Han unique.
  3. Lou Han spot that has many pearls. This type issued by Meng Aquarium and quite popular.
  4. Yellow / golden / super red, is now a kind of Lou Han are ranked high price. This species is not voting for the black shades lined up horizontally in the whole body.
  5. Lou Han with head nongnong. This species has its own nuances and nongnong is believed to have a dagger.
Know Lou Han Fish

The new generation of ornamental fish have been born at the beginning of the new millennium. Ornamental fish known as Lou Han has been able to open the eyes of the fans of ornamental fish with beautiful figure and motion geriknya. Its hot-tempered, but easily familiar with people who menyanginya, making ornamental fish enthusiasts would like to maintain it. Even most of the ornamental fish farmers for the breeding of fish that tickled prominence as the fish sounded hockey beat Arowana fish.

This is at least revealed by shades of black on his body that is often described metaphorically or meanings that make the owner get a positive suggestion. For example there is a fish that has a stroke (marking) the letter which reads "dollars" this sketch to give encouragement and intuition to the owner that someday he would get a big blessing.

Besides, with fish berkembanya louhan have a positive impact for producers Lou Han fish food and aquarium craftsman. What is clear by the presence of Lou Han fish is the passion the actors more lively ornamental fish again.

Water For Treatment and Spawning of Lou Han Fish

In cultivating or breeding of Lou Han, water quality is an important role to maintain the viability of eggs, seed and young Han Lou. However, to prepare water quality is actually not too difficult, because it includes a teloransi high enough and able to adapt to the temperature, acidity and water hardness. The source of water can come from:
  • Water wells
  • When Lou Han fish breed with well water, it must be deposited for 48 hours before use.
  • Piped water
  • New piped water could be used after the contents of chlorine and pH was neutralized and therefore could use Trisulfat 5 PPM, but at this stage to avoid nesting. 
Equipment and Maintenance Pond or Aquarium.

A. Equipment

The equipment must be provided before the fish dideder, maintained or raised, among others:
a. Bath water
b. Filters There are several types:
- Filter biology
- Chemical filter
- Mechanical Filters
a. Aerator
b. Water storage appliance.
c. Ornaments and rocks.
d. Fluorescence lamp / UV

A. Cleaner pond and aquarium.
To clean the aquarium can by using Sipon (sponge) used or handled, and polished throughout the inside, to the dirt with the powerful can use a razor blade or chemicals provided and washed and rinsed well and clean. But the aquarium or pond to be empty or no water and fish.

B. Draining water.

Draining and replacing water in the aquarium which is pretty well maintained once a month. The fish in the aquarium should be moved first to another place do not forget to use water that meets quality requirements.
If a pond or aquarium use filters such as the type of bi bio bacl. Drainage performed 2-3 months. 

Feed Lou Han Fish

A. Natural feed.
Many kinds of natural food such as brine, water fleas, worms, hair worms, blood worms (blood worms), small fish and tiny shrimp.

B. Artificial feed.
For artificial feeding should be considered nutritional elements contained among other things:
a. Protein.
b. Fat.
c. Carbohydrates.
d. Vitamins + minerals

Form feed should be adjusted to the shape and size of the fish's mouth include:
- Forms of emulsion.
- Suspension
- Flour
- Slabs
- Pellets 

Stages cultivation louhan
  1. Selection of Candidates for the parent can be obtained by buying or maintaining since childhood.
  2. Availability of container aquarium, pond and feed
  3. Choosing a healthy parent and quality, both males and females.
  4. Spawning process should be part of the aquarium covered with newspaper. When you are laying their eggs are much healthier for anti-fungal with a dose of 10 ml / 100 lt water. 
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