Flowerhorns compete to be the best

FLOWERHORNS, noted for their vivid colours and distinctively-shaped heads, made a comeback during the Malaysia Flowerhorn Competition 2010 recently.

The event was held by the Flowerhorn Hobbies and Meng Aquarium Centre in Subang Jaya to promote the fish that was at the height of its popularity a decade ago.

Sixty participants with some 143 fishes took part in the competition that featured kamfa and pearly fishes in categories A (big) and B (small).

Kamfa fishes are bigger while the pearly ones are shinier and more colourful. 

The participants were from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. 

Three judges were brought in to select the best flowerhorns based on traits like the fish’s hump, body and colour.

Sonny Gay, one of the organisers, said the fishes originated in Malaysia. 

He said the fish was a hybrid cichlid species, which was developed over the years.

“They are usually colourful, nice looking and some are even playful. 

“The lifespan of the fishes are between seven and years and they are kept as a hobby. 

“We wanted to have this event so that people will get re-acquainted with the fish,” he said.

Gay said this was the second year of the competition and the response was encouraging this year. 

Winners in the competition were presented with trophies and certificates