Created by ILC or indonesian louhan club, proprietary breed of the world famous ILC using a Golden monkey (or Malau) female and Zhen Zhu Malau (Zhen Zhu bred with a Golden Monkey) for the first batch that was sent to the US. Second batch spawned from the legendary Elvis and Golden Monkey female. Breed characterized by wild pearling all over the body, face, and head.

What separates an IndoMalau's pearls from that of say a Zhen Zhu or a King Kamfa is that they are extremely fine. As the fish ages the pearls become more intricately woven and thinner. Prototypical dot-dash patterns found on Golden Monkey as well. Flowerlines vary dramatically some only have a few flower spots.

Most ILC IndoMalaus will include some singular flowers on the back line or "top row". Red front half covers from the pectoral fins forwards, back half is a golden gradient intensifying in color towards the back half of the fish. Body is very wide and high a throwback to the original Louhan. Very pronounced chin or 'gobbler'. Head is usually a forward protruding water kok. Tail is fan shaped close to that of a kamfa, dorsal and **** fins lack trailers (a common trait found in Zhen Zhu) Caudle penduncle is very large and pronounced in this breed, this helps prevent developement of drop tail

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