Golden Monkey

The genuine Golden Monkey or Kamalau was bred by Mr. Lam Seah and Lam Soon in Bercham, Ipoh, Malaysia. After the third generation, all of them were sold to the A-1 Aquarium in 2001. This type of flowerhorn is an original Luohan-based fish and not a mixed type Zen Zhu or Kamfa.

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“The real Golden Monkey or KAMALAU is bred by Mr. Lam Seah and Lam Soon in Bercham, Ipoh, Malaysia. The last Generation is GEN 3 and all of them were sold to A-1 Aquarium during the year 2001. This type of FH is a LOUHAN based fish and not a mixed type Zenzhu or Kamfa.”


“The entire 3rd GENERATION was composed of 320 fry of which only 12 pieces turned out to be true Golden Monkey or KAMALAU. The rest were then culled by A-1 AQUARIUM. The cost during that time for the entire batch was RM 50,000 or US $13,513.51.”

Now this is the main controversy, if the fish is not from LAM SEAH, its 100% not Golden Monkey or Kamalau. Where the same goes for the saying, if it is not from Ah Soon it is 100% not a Golden Apple or JPG.

From my sources and original breeders, there is a line that has held a percentage of the bloodline constant. Hence the reason why there is no True GM or Kamalau but an offspring of that classification or GMF2 nomenclature. This being due to the constant crossing of new bloodlines.

“All the TOTAL KAMALAU in the world in the year 2001 were only 48 FHs...each one being recorded by A-1 Aquarium as they bought 2 of the GENERATIONS. The first GEN is only 10 FH which were all bought by an Indonesian businessman during the year 2001. The total price for the 10 FHs at the time was US $100,000.”

Here’s the biggest flaw in trying to attain the original line.

“There were 18 females being used....until recently with only 2 remaining. The rest has already reported in Heaven”

“One of the females was being used in producing the pendians of the JPG and the other one was still with Lam Seah”

Now, even Mr. Seah has had problems trying to achieve the origin.

“The last few years, he has been trying his best...but the batches have not been successful.”

“To produce the original parents you need about 4 to 5 years... 3 Generations...
Not breeder friendly to the Kamalau and the JPGs, taking them much longer to breed.”

“For a Kamfa to get the best stock usually around F4 class, the best of the best of 3 batches have to be picked, grown, and bred how many times to produce the best fishes.”

“It took them nearly 12 years just to create the Golden Apple or JPG. For the original Kamalau it took them 2 years later to make, not as easy as you think.

“The 4 months that you think about how easy it is to breed the Zz strain think about this young Kamfa and the time it takes for it to reach sexual maturity, 3 years!”

This was disclosed to me during my research of the Kamalau.

“The Kamalau and the KGM are not the same. The KGM which I have now is more of a Zenzhu X Kamfa based fish.”

KAMALAU as Lam Seah do it again yet. The other qualities that we see are almost like the full pearl Kamfa's and the rest with full pearls markings, but are not LOUHAN based fish...

The Golden Apple was the nearest to the class of the real Kamalau.

The way I understand it is “Yes” a JPG is a Luohan based Flowerhorn and has a similar body structure.

With respect to the GM breeder...anyway you look at it, the Kamalau strain could be revived if one looks beyond the breeder Mr. Lam Seah. What I mean is Lam Seah may be the breeder of GM but not the creator of GM (you may want to ask him yourself).

That's why up to this day, he still cannot figure out what are the genetic compositions of this great strain and how to reproduce it.

What is then what we have heard about KAMALAU..?

“The new Kamalau that we see today is a replacement for the earlier fish.”

“But sad to say, the new GMF2s do not represent the real thing...both fish have pearls, but the real KAMALAU has more than that....the metallic sheen in the whole fish...the real quality of the LOUHAN is not represented.”

“The KAMALAU is also the KGM of Indonesia and also called Kamfa-Malau. This type of fish is a mix between the full pearl Kamfa and a Zenzhu which we called the TORNADO EFFECT (Disclosure). Hope people will understand regarding this.”

“Correct me if I am wrong, the quality of a real Kamalau has to be like the JPG right? Since JPG is also one of the few, if not the only, Luohan based Flowerhorn presently around.

“The main difference between the Kamalau (Golden Monkey) and the JPG (Golden Apple) is the base color of the JPG being metalic in some generations.”

“Fundamentally, correct me if I am wrong, if it is bred by Lam Seah, he calls it Kamalau or Golden Monkey but if it is bred by Ah Soon, he calls it JPG or Golden Monkey.”

there are several characteristics of a true Golden Monkey that are different compare to regular Zhen Zhu and Zhen Zhu Malau. What I mean by true Golden Monkey is the GMs which are from the same generation as the Indo Grand Champion Golden Monkey posted above. First characteristic is the redness. The redness of a true Golden Monkey is way deeper than regular ZZ. The red color is very deep like the color of blood and seems like it is from beneath the skin and will not easily faded, while the red color of most regular Zhen Zhu and Zhen Zhu Malau is much softer. The second characteristic is the color saturation. The color saturation of a true Golden Monkey will gradually or smoothly change from soft to deep color we call this smooth gradation. Unfortunately, not all Golden Monkey have this characteristic but perfect or masterpiece GMs have. The third characteristic is the pearl, the pearl of a true Golden Monkey is wormy and shining, some of them even cover the whole kok. A lot of Zhen Zhu Malau have this same characteristic too nowdays, but not a regular ZZ. The fourth characteristic is the chubby face. The face of a true Golden Monkey is chubby and not baby face like a kamfa, what I mean is the chin of a true Golden Monkey is thick and look chubby and the chin of a kamfa is thin and smooth like a baby face and the chin of most regular Zhen Zhu and Zhen Zhu Malau have more wrinkle like old people when they are older. The fifth characteristic is the body, the body of a true Golden Monkey is broader and more muscular than most regular Zhen Zhu and Zhen Zhu Malau, but it is still not as broad as most kamfa especially the old school Kamfa. The sixth characteristic is the tail. The tail of a true Golden Monkey is harder than the tail of most regular Zhen Zhu or Zhen Zhu Malau but not as hard as Kamfa tail. Not all Golden Monkey tail is fan tail like Kamfa, but they are not soft like Zhen Zhu and Zhen Zhu Malau. The seventh characteristic is the flowerline. The flowerline of the true Golden Monkey is suck and unorganized or most of them are uneven, some of them do not even have any flowerline. The best one is the Indonesian 7 times Grand Champion Golden Monkey but we have to remember that he is one of a kind. The eighth characteristic is the peduncle. The peduncle of a true Golden Monkey is shorter, thicker and broader than the peduncle of most regular Zhen Zhu and Zhen Zhu Malau. That is why it has harder tail and stronger tail structure compare to regular Zhen Zhu and Zhen Zhu Malau. The ninth characteristic is the eyes. The eyes of a masterpiece or perfect true Golden Monkey are inset like Kamfa and red color. One thing we have to understand, Golden Monkey is a perfected Hua Jiau and Zhen Zhu Malau is a perfected ZZ. That is why bro James, Sonny, and other people say that Golden Monkey is not a Zhen Zhu although Golden Monkey and Zhen Zhu Malau have some visible characteristics those are the same. There are a lot of ways breeders trying to perfected their Zhen Zhu strain to come close to true GM, but they are still not the same, although some characteristics are the same, like pearl, the face and may be fan tail. That is why they called their perfected Zhen Zhu the Zhen Zhu Malau. I will show some picture of true GMs and Zhen Zhu Malau so you guys can see the differences. For me, the easiest way to decide whether a strain is a Zhen Zhu Malau or a GM, is by comparing them to the pictures of Zhen Zhu Malau and true Golden Monkey I share with you guys. If it is closer to Zhen Zhu Malau then it is a Zhen Zhu Malau and if it is closer to Golden Monkey then it is a GM. The reason I said this is because the parents of the true GM, I mention above died already, but some Mal, Singapore and Indo breeders have been successful to breed the new Golden Monkey that are almost similar to the true Golden Monkey I mention above (I do not know their recipe so I can not share). Remember guys, this is my opinion only and not all people will agree with me moreover my ESL is not so good so I can not explain perfectly but this is the best I can do. I do not want to debate or argue about this Golden Monkey matter, I just want to share what I know only. If you guys want to accept it, then it is good, and if you don't then it is OK with me too. Thank you for your understanding guys. Hopefully this information can help you guys to understand better about Golden Monkey and Zhen Zhu Malau. (Written by Bejita of Jatim Project, Indo)

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