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The differences between Red Mommon, Red Ingot and Blood Parrot, King Kong Parrot
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Blood Parrot is the earliest defined type of the Cichlid bred, King Kong Parrot is the typical type of Cichlid hybrid at earlier stage, therefore, King Kong parrot has been comparing with latest hybrid Cichlid; but the Blood Parrot shape is smaller, with bigger head, more protruding eyes and V-shape mouth; King Kong Parrot has longer size with reddish orange colour, dorsal fin are shorterthan anal fin, the shape is similar to the Red Devil, when it grows to the size of 18 cm, the shape of the mouth changes to triangle with more protruding jaw, only 20% of them grow to the size of half kilogram.

Most of the colour of Blood Parrot and King Kong Parrots seen in the market are changed into purple and blue by pigment injection, and this is not good for the fishs liver and will shorten their life, the colour injected will not last for a long time, once the colour fades, it will not be recovered to the original one. The Blood Parrot and King Kong Parrots bred in the Happy Fishery Breed & Research Centre has the natural red colour as it fed with the natural attractants instead of the pigment injection. The length of the dorsal fin and anal fin is longer than the tail fin and the mouth can open and close naturally, the shape is round and big with clear eyes and good stability, 90% of them grow to 1 kg or above with characteristic look in appearance, chin and shape.

The red and round refined Red Mommon, Red Ingot is the majority type of Cichlid bred due to the popular refinery trend in the market, furthermore, theres only one famous fish breeding farm exclusively produces it and the supply is stable with good quality. Both of the fishes are the best choice for appreciation, breeding or Feng Shui(geomantic omen).

The Red Mommon is named for its high forehead which looks like the hat worn by the God of Fortune, the Red Ingot is named for its Yuan-Bao shape (odd-shaped gold or silver formerly used as money in China) appearance which looks like the Yuan-Bao, The reason Mr. Wang named Red Mommon and Red Ingot is because of its well-liked red colour. Kavalan is the ancient name of the I-Lan city, people will know the fish is produced in I-Lan and this is certainly the pride of Taiwan in its fish breeding industry.

Red Mommon and Red Ingot grow faster in the first year with the size at about 20cm, it will grow to 25 to 28cm two year later, however, its maximum growing size is not known yet as its still continue to grow and its believed that the fish may grow to the size of 30cm or above in the future.

Its suggested to breed both of the fish at 28C in water temperature, PH6~8,KH3~6. Basically, the fish is strong to be well adapted to the surrounding unless of the quick change of the water quality. To maintain the best colour, its suggested to breed them in slightly acid water; its also necessary to test the NH3, NH4, NO2 regularly for the concern of its health and colour.

Both of the fishes can be bred with different kind of fishes attributes to its gentle characteristic, especially outstanding with Dragon Fish, it brings out extraordinary Character and looks thus it makes the hit among aquarium world
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